We’re very proud to support the Ladywood Community Choir as part of our programme. They meet every week, it’s over 50’s group are a mixed group of men and women. This group offers a wide range of benefits from meeting new people, making friends, reducing loneliness and social isolation, improving mental health through singing. Group singing has powerful and unique mental and physical wellbeing qualities. Research shows that singing releases the body’s natural opioids and hormones associated with wellbeing such as oxytocin, and reduces cortisol (stress), It stimulates the brain, helps reduce anxiety, can distract the mind, can enable you to feel happier, more relaxed and peace, as these significant benefits play a central role in our psychological health too.

The recent summer concert on July 4th 2023 at Birmingham & Midland Institute (City Centre) was a success, one member of the choir stated “it’s a joy to be part of the choir and it brings joy to be able to sing”.

Do you fancy joining the choir

Ex Cathedra run weekly choir sessions on a Tuesday evening, from 6pm until 7:30pm for 30 weeks of the year – plus additional performances/concerts, and then the summer trip and Christmas party etc. If you would like to get involved come along to Birmingham & Midland Institute 9 Margaret Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. B3 3BS. Please contact gemma@excathedra.co.uk for more details

Members have said “I don’t get out much, but I love going to my Ladywood singing group.”

“We get on well and share each other’s sad times and happy times and share a good laugh. It gives us a

sense of wellbeing and for some it is the only time they meet other people. I call it ‘the singing lifeline’!