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How We Work Together 

Adult’s generic social care teams are divided into 10 different constituencies and the department also have other specialist teams like Transition team, Mental Health team, Sensory impairment team, No recourse to public fund team etc. The constituency teams consist of 1 team manager, around 4 qualified senior practitioners, couple of senior social care practitioners, qualified social workers and social care practitioners. The teams conduct the care act assessment in the 3 conversation format. Social care practitioners do C1 and C2 under the supervision of senior social care practitioners. At C1 stage social care practitioners have initial discussion with the citizen and their support net work and support them to connect with any suitable community resources and also support them to connect with any early intervention services for example Occupational Therapy, GP,DWP etc. At C2 stage social acre practitioner establish any crisis short term intervention. At C1 and C2 stage social care practitioners link in with NNS and community network support officers to explore community resources and also to share any identified gaps. The constituency teams conduct regular huddle meetings where NNS and CNSO attend and discuss community resources and gaps. If a long term social care need is identified at the C1 and C2 stage then the citizen’s file will be transferred to the qualified social worker clipboard to allocate social worker to carry out a C3 where long term social care needs are assessed and evidenced for further intervention and possible support planning.

Where can social workers find activities for the people you are supporting….


NNS Community Directory

Click on the button or the image to go to the directory where you can search for activities near where people live or look for things that interest the people you are working with.

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